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Thoughts about Woman...

I am more of a Renaissance Man in terms of a balance of interests, capabilities, and consciousness than is commonplace, and am looking for a connection that is based on Passion infused with deep Love and exhilarating Romance. I come from a very loving family and seem to have had that capacity innately. It's blowing my mind these days that what I take for granted as far as an ability to experience and share sincere love, sex, and intimacy without a lot of inhibition is maybe even the exception rather than the rule. Women are supposed to be the kind, loving, deeply feeling gender, full of tenderness and nurturing and excitement over romantic experience, but I don't know.... Is this you? Hope so. Without belaboring the issue and hammering the poor word to death, I'm into real love---giving and receiving---and have no problem expressing that in all ways to a beautiful girl who deserves it and loves to spoil the man she's in love with in the ways women can with men. I ultimately would not want to require my woman to have to work a lot of hours a week at something she's less than enthused about doing if she doesn't want to. It's reciprocal, (selfish?), because I want her to have the time, energy, and desire for a lot of intimacy, fun, closeness, and mutual connection with me, and from my experience it's unrealistic to expect a woman to have all of that available for the relationship while she's also got a demanding career. Fun, travel, lovemaking, happiness, and mutual caring...I want a woman who could be happy to have that for her desired life, and has found after hanging out together for a while that I'm the one she wants to go there with.

The creativity on her part to create romantic and sexual surprises and fun would be amazing.

Creativity in everything is everything.

What I am sincerely looking for is a total drop-dead gorgeous, beautiful girl who wants it all---love, sex, and a good life together, but cares more about being in love than anything else. What she really wants is to share that love and life with a very special, handsome, intelligent, dynamic, creative, successful guy that she respects, looks up to, and is deeply in love with.

We all have our own level of desire for sex, and mine is very high. It is therefore best for me to be with a woman with a very strong sex drive. I hope this statement is not forward or offensive to anyone...apologies if it is. It's such an important area of a relationship, why not just be honest about it? We all have our native capacities and desires in this area. No right or wrong, but compatibility would be nice, right? Even essential. For me sex is such a fulfilling way to express love, and loving deeply and having a lot of sex as an expression of that caring and feeling is Bliss...for me anyway...for you, too?

The ultimate woman for me is very loving and very beautiful, very affectionate and very sexual.

(With all due respect, if what you are seeking is only about dollars, with no feeling whatsoever, I don't think we're probably right for each other. Only about 10%-20% of the women on this site are that way, from my experience---cut and dried emotionless escort girls, gold-diggers, with only focus on money regardless of the guy or his or her feelings, love, etc.---but if this is you or where you are at this point in life then do us both a favor and seek a similarly unfeeling guy elsewhere. There are a lot of them out there, and it shouldn't be that difficult to find. That said, in all sincerity, and even though I may have come across as judgemental or critical---sorry! I do understand that life and finances can be scary and survival-threatening at times for all of us, and am certainly not beyond rescuing my beautiful damsel in distress, taking her back to my castle and making her life wonderful, with all of her heart given to me and the joy of happiness forever after on her face---this is good stuff. But the vibe about yah, yah, how boring, how much? is a real turn off. Still, we are all free to have these moments and times and reactions to life's challenges, and in any case, if this is happening to you, the best to you, and I hope you find what you're wanting. It's out there. I wish for your wishes to be fulfilled.)

<3 <3 <3 Jas
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